What is a grievance?

A grievance occurs when there has been a violation of the contract.


Not sure if you have a grievance or labor issue? Review the contract. (Click here for directions on how to search the contract.)

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Grievance Team

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Sheryl Carruth

2019-2020 Grievances

  • Reimbursement Rebate (Article 13.5)

    • Clarified procedure for how much of rebate is given to teachers who have not worked a full school year

  • Vacancies (Article 12) 

    • We are now notified within 10 days of new vacancies occurring 

  • High School Workday (Article 11.3)

    • HS teachers are no longer required to teach all 15 hours in Blackboard

  • Elementary Workday (Article 11.3) 

    • Mediation occurred on 5/5/20, no agreement was reached

    • Next step: Arbitration… we may not have a result until the end of 2020.

  • Incorrect Retirement (CALSTRS) Credit (Article 14.2)

    • Check STRS credits for any years worked at CAVA, report discrepancies to and cc your Rep.

    • Teachers employed during the 08-09 school year will want to pay special attention to credit received that year.  Reach out to if less than 1 year was credited, cc your rep.

  • SPED Task Referrals (Article 11.1)

    • No agreement reached, the Grievance  Committee is recommending to the Bargaining Committee to submit a “Demand to Bargain” regarding the entire task referral (aka “support request) process