Collective Bargaining Agreement
Collective Bargaining Agreements
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California Virtual Educators


2020-2021 E-Board Goals

We want to make CAVA and Insight schools that ensure the success of students and teachers. 

​Our goals in supporting our members are:

  • More Support for Students: Reduce administrative tasks for teachers so we can spend more time working directly with our students.

  • Increased Flexibility: Opportunities for differentiated teaching and learning so we can meet the needs of our diverse students.

  • Consistent Policies: Clarify policies to minimize confusion and maximize learning.

  • School Stability: Offer a competitive salary so we may retain great teachers and provide a stable environment for our students.

Upcoming CVEU Events

Upcoming Events:

  • New Hire Orientation Union Meeting 9am

    • October 28

  • CVEU/CAVA General Member Meetings 4pm

    • October 26​

    • November 30

    • January 25

    • February 22

    • March 29

    • April 26

    • May 31

  • 1/25/2022 CVEU/CAVA General Member Meeting 4pm

Find info on CTA Conferences* here: 

*If you are interested in attending a CTA conference, please fill out this interest survey and learn about reimbursement options. 

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